Amy Adams struggles to identify fiance’s lips in TV game

Actress Amy Adams was left red faced during a TV appearance in America on Tuesday (04Jun13) when she almost failed to recognise her fiance’s lips during a game of guess the leading man’s body part. The Doubt star had no problems picking out her The Muppets co-star Animal from a photo of his mouth, The Fighter’s Mark Wahlberg from a shot of his abs and her Man of Steel love interest Henry Cavill from a glimpse of his eyes, but she was stumped when a snap of her boyfriend Darren Le Gallo’s lips popped up during an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.
Asking the studio audience for help, she insisted, “I haven’t worked with him” when women yelled out Channing Tatum, and then stated, “I look in people’s eyes,” when it was clear she had no idea.
Before the big reveal, she suddenly said, ‘Oh that’s Darren. That’s my boyfriend!”
Clapping and slapping the arm of her chair, she said, “At least I didn’t say Henry then.”
Adams confessed to a crush on the new Superman, Cavill, earlier in the interview.