Amy Schumer Thanks Twitter Trolls for Providing Snack Inspiration


Amy Schumer has jokingly thanked online trolls for giving her “total inspiration” on snacks.

The Snatched actress is known for her often self-deprecating sense of humor and willingness to speak about her relationships and personal life in an honest way.

While Amy’s comments often make her a target on social media forums, the star shared during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday night (16Oct17) that negative messages don’t usually have the intended effect.

“Thank you, each and every one of you, on all of your feedback on my face and body,” the 36-year-old said sarcastically, adding, “But sometimes I think it kind of backfires on the trolls because the other day somebody tweeted about me, ‘Amy Schumer’s body looks like a bag of mashed potatoes,’ and I was like, ‘Okay, now I need mashed potatoes,’ you know? And I had them!”

The latest episode of Jimmy’s late-night TV show was filmed in Brooklyn, New York and Amy’s older half-brother Jason Stein was invited to play bass clarinet with the program’s house band.

During the interview, host Jimmy questioned the professional musician about what Amy was like growing up, and he recalled that she was always very open.

“When I was about 16, Amy was a little younger,” he said. “I was in the Jewish Junior Olympics playing basketball. We were warming up before the game, shooting layups, and I see my sister on the side of the court running out with her arms open at me… She ran up to me and whispered in my ear, ‘Jase, I just got my period!'”

The story caused Amy to respond: “I, from the bottom of my heart, did not remember that!”

To conclude the segment, Amy shared a hilarious home video of her and Jason dancing to Michael Jackson’s 1982 hit Beat It as children.