Hollywood comic heavyweight Adam Sandler is sought after, as two rival studios have joined forces to make the next Sandler smash.

Sandler’s next flick is planned to be an update of the 1936 Frank Capra classic, “Mr. Deeds Goes To Town.” The original, about a simple country poet who inherits a windfall, moves to New York and chases away the Big Apple’s bad attitude, may have been fine for the time, but the remake will be “Sandlerized” and modernized.

The $20 million-per-picture Sandler is so red-hot that both Columbia Pictures (which owns the comedian’s next script), and New Line Cinema (which has the rights to his next project), have put their heads together for a certified cash cow. Once the studios hammer out the details, Sandler will put the film on the fast track. But if you’re feeling Sandler-deprived, his “Little Nicky” is hitting theaters on November 10th.