Anderson in tax trouble

The Baywatch star owes California officials $524,241 (£327,651) in personal income taxes, according to a new list of debts released by The Franchise Tax Board on Friday (13Apr12).

The names of all persons owing more than $100,000 (£62,500) must be made public in accordance with the law and this year (12) the busty blonde has been included amongst the group of delinquents.

As previously reported, singer/songwriter Lionel Richie has has been hit with a tax bill of $1.1 million (£687,500) and also named are Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis ($794,000/£496,250), boxer James Toney ($354,000/£221,250), and Golden Globe winner Gena Rowlands ($273,000/£170,625) and her actor son Nick Cassavetes ($106,800/£66,750).