Andie MacDowell uses Ouija board to communicate with dead relatives

Andie Macdowell has stayed in contact with her dead relatives by communicating with them using a creepy Ouija board.
The Groundhog Day star and her sisters were inspired to contact family members who had passed away after watching Whoopi Goldberg play a psychic medium in 1990 movie Ghost, and started staging their own seances in an effort to connect with the other side.
“They actually do communicate with us, FYI (for your information),” Andie tells People.
The 61-year-old star claims her dead uncle has been predicting major life events via the family Ouija board for years.
“(My uncle predicted) a lot of the stuff that’s actually happened in my life,” she shares. “My career basically… and that I was going to have horses, I wanted to know if I was going to have children.”
Andie has always dabbled in the supernatural, revealing she and her sisters have also successfully performed telekinesis.
“We used to make tables walk too,” she explains, noting she and her siblings are keen to get together “and do it again” some time soon.