Andrew Dice Clay picks up Louis C.K. role in Woody Allen movie

Veteran comedian Andrew Dice Clay has Louis C.K. to thank for his role in Woody Allen’s new movie Blue Jasmine – because he landed the job his fellow stand-up auditioned for. Louis C.K. was thrilled when he was called in to meet with Allen, but had very low expectations.
He tells WENN, “I went to his office and I just wanted to meet him… I thought, ‘I’ll get to meet him before he dies!’
“He was so nice to me. He said, ‘I like your stand-up and you’re very funny but I don’t know if you could be this mean, tough guy’. I read the scene and thought, ‘I can’t do this guy’. I’m big and I’m not afraid of a lot of people but I’ve never been in a fight.
“So I read it as me and he went, ‘Well, OK.’ And I knew I didn’t get the part. I think I cried, I was so emotional. I had just met Woody, he was so nice to me, I didn’t get the part and I’ll never see him again.
“Then I heard Dice (Clay) got that part and I was so happy for him; he’s a good guy… He’s a really good actor.”
But the story doesn’t end there – Louis C.K. was offered another role: “I heard that someone who works for Woody is coming to my house tomorrow with an envelope. A young woman came to my house, gave me an envelope and said, ‘I have to take this back with me. You can have it for 40 minutes’. I opened it and there was a letter from Woody saying, ‘You couldn’t do that guy but there’s another guy you could do. Please do the part’.
“There were three scenes and I thought, ‘This guy is a total jerk-off but I could play him’. I wrote back and said, ‘Yes’.”