Andrew Garfield is ambassador for orphans

Garfield, who plays orphaned Peter Parker in superhero reboot The Amazing Spider-Man, visited parentless kids in Ethiopia and Haiti with the organisation earlier this year (12).

On Tuesday (26Jun12) Garfield and his real-life girlfriend and co-star Emma Stone turned out to support founder Dr. Jane Aronson at a charity party for the group, where he was named as a new celebrity spokesperson.

Making the announcement, the paediatrician said, “Andrew’s partnership with the WWO is about that superhero within each child. Every child grows up loving superheroes and dreaming about doing great things. WWO is about children believing that they can do great things in the world.”

The actor insists he’s honoured to serve on the board with Dr. Aronson, telling the Wall Street Journal, “She taught me how to be a better human being. To consider the world a community rather than individuals kicking each other in the teeth to be happy.”