Andy Garcia planning album release

Movie star Andy Garcia is hoping to release an album after building his musical portfolio with the legendary Cuban musician he portrayed in 2000 movie For Love or Country: The Arturo Sandoval Story. Sandoval was commissioned to compose a score for Garcia’s new film, At Middleton, and the two old friends found time to record new material together, including a track that will featured on the movie’s DVD release.
Garcia says, “We’ve recorded together a lot. I play in his big band and he sits in with my orchestra. We actually wrote a song for the movie that will be on the DVD special features but not in the movie. It was originally written as an end credit but the director didn’t want to comment on the movie through a song, so we put on as a special feature. It will be on iTunes soon enough because we want to put out the soundtrack. It’s called There Was A Day. I sing on it.”
And Garcia admits he’s now planning to release an album of his own work and tracks he has recorded with Sandoval: “I have a lot of original material that I’ve worked on and I have it on my bucket list to attack that. I just have to get into the studio and gather the boys and do it.
“I have written music for some of my films. I wrote the underscore for The Lost City, which I directed. I wrote another song with Arturo that’s on the end credits of a TV movie I did over Christmas, called Christmas In Conway. We like working together; he’s a genial talent.”