Anika Noni Rose Hobbling Around with Broken Foot


Actress Anika Noni Rose is nursing a broken foot after falling down the stairs.

The Dreamgirls star reveals she only has herself to blame for the New Year’s injury, but she likes to pretend she actually hurt herself while fighting.

“I broke my toe and my metatarsal (long bone in the foot),” she told The Chew. “I was doing a roundhouse… no, I slipped down the stairs! But the roundhouse sounds a lot better!”

The 45-year-old didn’t think much of the accident at the time, until her toe suddenly swelled and changed color.

“The weird thing about breaking a toe is that it didn’t really hurt immediately, it just turned (pale) and then it blew up and turned fuchsia, and then it hurt,” she said, “but immediately, you’re like, ‘Oh, that looks different…'”

Anika is now having to hobble around with a surgical boot on her left foot, and she cannot wait to get back into her regular fitness routine, after taking up a tough new martial art.

“I was doing Krav Maga this fall (autumn), which I absolutely love…,” she gushed. “It’s an art that teaches you how to take care of yourself. If something is happening, you’re not on the offensive, you’re ready for what’s coming to you…”