Anne Hathaway forgot her lines staring at handsome McConaughey

Anne Hathaway found herself unexpectedly lost in Matthew Mcconaughey’s eyes while shooting new thriller Serenity after realising how “handsome” her friend is.
The Les Miserables star previously worked with Matthew on 2014 space drama Interstellar, but Anne reveals she never really paid attention to his good looks because their easy-going relationship is similar to that of a brother and sister.
However, the actress confesses she was momentarily awestruck by his chiseled appearance as they played exes in Serenity, and the unexpected realisation caused her to forget her lines – something she rarely does.
“We’re doing a scene… where my character Karen comes into this bar where her ex-husband John (played by McConaughey) is, who now goes by the name Baker Dill, and I’m sitting there and I’m doing my scene, and Matthew’s like a brother to me, so I don’t think about all that other stuff (his good looks), but I’m looking at him and nobody is talking, and I go, ‘Oh, it’s my line! Why did I forget my line? Because you’re handsome!'” she laughed on U.S. breakfast show Good Morning America.
“I was just staring at him and I forgot my line because he looked like a fragrance model, because, of course, it then occurred to me, he is!”
Matthew has served as the face of Dolce & Gabbana’s The One fragrance for men for years.
The stars filmed Serenity on the island of Mauritius, and spending weeks together with their families on the picturesque Indian Ocean island really made Anne appreciate how genuine the father-of-three is on set and off.
“It’s all real,” she smiled. “Like, it’s not this act that he puts on…, it’s not like he’s doing a Matthew McConaughey voice or telling a Matthew McConaughey story, that’s actually who he is and to see someone be able to live his life with as much integrity as he does, as deep a family man as he is, and to do his job with as much integrity as he does, it’s left a big impression on me ’cause I hope to do the same.”
Serenity, which co-stars Jason Clarke and Diane Lane, opens in theatres this week (25Jan19).