Anne Hathaway’s son isn’t a fan of her singing voice


Anne Hathaway’s young son refuses to listen to her sing.

The actress and her husband Adam Shulman are parents to two-year-old Jonathan, who they welcomed in March 2016.

But even though Anne won an Oscar for her role as Fantine in 2012 movie musical Les Miserables, she has now shared that Jonathan refuses to let her perform.

“He’s really into music. Right now, he’s obsessed with The Lion King. It’s really, really great,” she said of her little boy’s interests during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday night (14Jan19). “(But) he hates my voice, I’m not allowed to sing in my own house anymore. My mom has an amazing voice and I loved it when she sang when I was growing up. Actually, to be fair, my son loves my mother’s voice… It’s definitely personal.”

During the interview, host Jimmy asked Anne about her son’s “classic” name and how she chose it.

The star explained that she wanted her child to have a conventional moniker, though didn’t let on her choice while she was pregnant.

“It’s a classic name that you would trust with your money,” the 36-year-old smiled of the name Jonathan. “Just in case he ever wants to be an accountant. But I’ve gotta say though, I did have fun with people while I was pregnant because people expect celebrities to be stupid and to name their children ridiculous things. So, I found I could tell people my kid’s name was going to be anything and watched their faces as they tried to process it. So, my favourite names that I came up with were Juandre and Velise.”

Elsewhere in the chat, Anne spoke about her new thriller Serenity, in which she appears opposite Matthew McConaughey.

And she noted that she couldn’t help but begin to speak like Matthew, before going on to demonstrate her impersonation of the actor’s signature Texas drawl.

“When you spend enough time with him, you know how to riff as him,” she smiled.