Anne Heche’s new low-budget film was a real test

The Volcano star had to work with extras who had no acting experience and the cast had to grind through the night at seedy New York bars and pizzerias without any of the usual film set comforts.

Although she loves the new movie, she shudders at the some of the memories of making it.

Heche tells WENN, “It was not an easy shoot. The bar room scene at the end of the movie was particularly challenging. We were working in a stinky, stanky, cranky horrible bar that we had to start at 4am when it closed and end by 4pm the next day when it opened.

“We were rolling around in beer and muck and mire for about 10 days for one scene. It was a trip.

“And the coffee shop (in the film) was actually a pizza parlour and we came in in the morning and there were stools at the pizza counter and there was a guy making the pizza sauce that they were gonna serve in the joint while we were shooting.

“There were no make-up or hair chairs or no light coffee spread. We showed up at 4am and there was a tray with the leftover Dorito packs from lunch the day before for breakfast. There were those low moments.

“Plus, I was so tired I couldn’t even stand and my chair didn’t even have a back to it because it was a stool. I was sitting there smelling garlic at 4am.”