Armie Hammer Considered Amputating His Toe


Armie Hammer considered amputation after he broke one of his toes twice over the course of a day.

The actor has suffered several injuries of late, and even underwent surgery for a torn pectoral muscle shortly before his wife Elizabeth Chambers gave birth to their second child earlier in the year (17).

But during an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden on Wednesday night (29Nov17), Armie admitted that nothing could compare to the pain he felt when he broke his fourth toe on his right foot in multiple places recently.

“I was in my kitchen and I was talking to a group of friends. I was swinging my foot around and I kicked the handle of a cupboard,” he recalled of how the first break happened. “And it sort of (smacked)… and everybody went, ‘Oooooh!’ The noise was kind of paralyzing.”

Armie was in shock at first but quickly realized he had seriously injured his foot when he saw the toe had “skewed” to the side. He then “dropped” in pain, but the worst was yet to come.

“The next morning, I went down to feed my dog, and next to his dog bowl is our washing machine. As I was putting the food in, I kicked the corner of the washing machine with the same toe and broke it so it went the other way,” the 31-year-old sighed.

The Call Me by Your Name star’s account drew gasps from the late-night show’s audience, especially when he stated that he had “shattered” the toe in multiple places. The ongoing pain was so intense that Armie considered taking drastic measures at one point.

“I was in so much pain for so long… I remember looking at a pair of bolt cutters and thinking, ‘If I cut this toe off, it will heal faster than if I let this heal on its own,'” he added.