Armie Hammer Quits Twitter After Blasting Writer


Armie Hammer has quit Twitter after an article questioning his career was published online.

The 31-year-old star was the focus of a recent BuzzFeed piece titled Ten Long Years Of Trying To Make Armie Hammer Happen, in which writer Anne Helen Petersen questioned whether it was talent or white privilege that had led to Armie’s eventual success.

She noted that even after flop The Lone Ranger, which she describes as “one of Disney’s greatest summer bombs of all time”, his publicity team have “never given up trying to Make Armie Hammer Happen”.

Armie, whose great-grandfather Armand Hammer was an oil tycoon, took to Twitter on Monday (27Nov17) to call out the piece, fuming: “Your chronology is spot on but your perspective is bitter AF (as f**k). Maybe I’m just a guy who loves his job and refuses to do anything but what he loves to do…?”

But it appears he has now taken things a step further and shut down his official account. Fans expressed their concern on social media, with one writing: “wow armie hammer just deleted his twitter acct (account), he deserves better and deserves to be respected. also being away from social media is a good thing to avoid toxic antis.make a comeback k!ng (sic)”.

However, not everyone was so supportive, and some poked fun at his actions.

Armie Hammer deleted Twitter because an article pointed out hes never been in a successful movie. Imagine if he was an actress of color and had to deal with just half of the s**t they get lmao (laugh my a*s off) drama queen,” one posted.

Armie’s Twitter break comes not long after he took a step back from the microblogging site after a clip of him dancing from new movie Call Me by Your Name, based on the book by Andre Aciman about a teenage boy embarking on a relationship with an older man, went viral.

“Anytime I would open up my Twitter, it was just a ton of that, and I was like, ‘Nope, I can’t have my nose rubbed in this anymore. I’m out!’” he told Vulture earlier this month.