Arnold Schwarzenegger makes his Hummers eco-friendly

The Terminator star jetted back to his native Austria this week (beg28Jan13) to launch a new initiative called the R20 Regions of Climate Action, a project which aims to help the United Nations and European Union achieve environmental goals, and during a conference in Vienna on Thursday (31Jan13), the former California Governor revealed he has converted his beloved car collection to run on environmentally-friendly fuels.

He said, “I still drive my Hummers but now they are all on hydrogen and bio-fuel… We need to send a message that we can live the same life, just with cleaner technology.”

He also insisted his passion for environmental issues stems from his simple upbringing in Austria, stating, “Growing up in my house, we knew about sustainability before it was hip. We called it ‘necessity’. We didn’t have video games, televisions or iPhones. We had the rolling hills, the castles, the ruins, and the beautiful lakes. Even after I made it big and became Governor of California, I held on to this love of nature.”

And he told fellow eco-warriors and members of the media that environmental issues need to be presented in a “more sexy” way to hold the public’s interest, adding, “If we want to inspire the world, it is time for us to forget about the old way of talking about climate change, where we crush people, where we overwhelm people with data.

“There is a new way, a more sexy, a more hip way. Instead of using doom and gloom and telling people what they can’t do, we should make them part of our movement and tell them what they can do.”