Arnold Schwarzenegger’s rep dismisses naked prank tale

A representative for Arnold Schwarzenegger has dismissed reports suggesting the action man once pranked a young wardrobe mistress by appearing naked in front of her. Costume designer Warden Neil recalled the tale in a New York Post article, revealing the Terminator star thought it was hilarious to shock the modest intern on the set of 1980 TV movie The Jayne Mansfield Story.
He says, “I got a young intern… Her parents even flew to meet me to make sure everything was good.
“We’re heading towards Arnold’s trailer for a wardrobe fitting, and she knocks on the door and goes, ‘Hi, Arnold. Are you decent?’ And he goes, ‘Yes, come in’. He’s standing there stark naked and she bursts into tears and runs from the trailer. He burst out laughing, thinking it was the funniest thing.”
However, Schwarzenegger’s rep insists Neil’s tale is fiction, insisting it is “100 per cent false”.