Arnold Schwarzenegger trained with SWAT team for Sabotage

Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger trained with a Los Angeles SWAT team for three months to perfect his weapons skills for new movie Sabotage. The Terminator star, who plays a Drug Enforcement Agency officer in the movie, has worked with guns in several films but director David Ayer wanted the actor to fine tune his weapons skills and learn the differences between the military and police operations.
The action man tells WENN, “He made us go down to see the L.A. SWAT team, to hang out with them. He said, ‘I want you to think like them. I want you to look like them. I want you to train and to work like them’.
“From an acting point of view, it was the most challenging. I love that David pushed me because sometimes directors get intimidated when they meet someone like me! He was very clear about the weapons training. I said, ‘Weapons training? I’ve shot more guns than anyone! In movie history I’ve killed more people than anyone’. He said, ‘I want you go to SWAT and learn the ballet of this team’.
“He used this strange kind of language. It helps to have a director like David Ayer, who is a fanatic about realism… There’s a difference between the military and police forces. In the military you hold a weapon a certain way – and you approach an enemy in a certain way. In a drug enforcement task force they do it differently and hold their weapons differently – and David Ayer wanted us to do it the right way, like the SWAT teams would do it.”