Arquette’s TV basketball game treat

The Scream star was a guest on Lopez Tonight and host George Lopez announced a challenge to “cheer up” the actor following his recent split from wife Courteney Cox.

Lopez welcomed four actors dressed as Oompa Loompas onto the TV set and they presented Arquette with a cake, which the star guest happily thrust his face into.

Dripping with gooey sponge, Arquette was stunned to learn Lopez had also invited former NBA Los Angeles Lakers star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to play a quick basketball game with the actor.

Arquette was thrilled with the challenge – but he failed to net a hoop past Abdul-Jabbar, who stands at seven foot, two inches (2.18 metres) tall.

Lopez then completed a trio of attempts to cheer up Arquette by welcoming the Lakers’ cheerleaders, who perched on a Santa’s sleigh with the star.

After the stunts, Arquette declared: “I’m very happy!”