Arquette turned down Dancing offer last year

The Scream star separated from wife Courteney Cox last October (10) and checked himself into rehab for alcohol and other issues in January (11) after confessing he had been drinking heavily since the split. He received treatment at a live-in facility and was later released.

Arquette is now celebrating after marking nine months sober and although he’s enjoying his current stint on the popular programme, the actor reveals he was forced to turn down an offer last season because his crazy lifestyle couldn’t support the gruelling workouts and daily discipline.

He says, “I’m nine months plus… It’s (Dancing With the Stars has) really been good for me. It’s been good for my head, it’s been good for my body… Actually they asked me last year (10) and I was in no condition to dance anyway, except in some shady clubs.

“But, no, so they (the TV bosses) came back (and asked me again) and it just made a lot of sense. Dancing is all about being centred. Having grace, and all of these themes that come up in my life, that I’m looking for in general. You know, being balanced.”