Ashton Kutcher Reveals All to Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt has come out of semi-reclusion to interview his one-time love rival
Ashton Kutcher for the latest issue of Interview.

The movie hunk once agreed to let a young Kutcher date his then-girlfriend
Jennifer Aniston to win a bet after the Punk’d star, who is now dating Demi Moore, told him he was a huge admirer of the former Friends star.

And the two have become good friends over the years–Pitt even calls the
Dude, Where’s My Car? star A Kutchy, because, like rap mogul Sean ‘P Diddy’ Combs, he has a string of successful ventures.

In the new Interview chat, the two stars muse about the hell of being caught
up in big celebrity romances and Kutcher reveals how difficult it is to play
practical jokes on stars for his hit Punk’d show.

He tells Pitt, “A lot of it is about where you can get people to go
physically, which is a little tricky because most actors and musicians are kind
of hermits–they like to stay in their houses.”

Pitt also reveals he promised to tell his now-estranged wife Aniston if
Kutcher and his Punk’d posse ever came after her.

It’s not the only celebrity pairing in the new issue of the magazine–Elton John interviews rising British talent Jamie Cullum and Benicio Del Toro chats to his Sin City co-star Jessica Alba.

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Meanwhile, Kutcher‘s girlfriend Demi Moore was infuriated when Nicole Kidman gave
him her phone number–in a recent dream of his.

Kutcher is still trying to work out the meaning of the dream, which also
involved a basketball game and a guest appearance by Woody Harrelson.

He says, “I had a really weird dream that I was on this tropical island with
Woody Harrelson but had to get to an L.A. Lakers game.

“Demi was with me, and she was upset because I was going to the game. So I
was going in a limousine with Nicole Kidman and Woody, and then Nicole gave me
her phone number, and Demi got mad at me because Nicole gave me her phone
number and we went to the Lakers game.

“I’ve never ever had a dream with a celebrity in it, and then I have one
with, like, 15.”

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