Aussie Newsman Who Tom Cruise Attacked Is Nicole Kidman’s Pal

The Australian newsman who recently incurred Tom Cruise‘s wrath while prying
into the actor’s personal life for a TV show has revealed he grew up with
Nicole Kidman.

Earlier this month, 60 Minutes Australia host Peter Overton was told
to mind his manners when he quizzed Cruise about his relationship with his
ex-wife Nicole Kidman and their adopted kids.

Perhaps Overton was so interested because he’s a longtime pal of the actress–as he revealed in a new interview with Kidman, while showing photos of the two of them playing together as kids.

The two old friends giggled as they relived childhood memories during a
recently-taped 60 Minutes Australia interview.

Overton said, “You haven’t changed. Maybe you’ve got a whole lot better
because I used to tease you a lot.”

A candid Kidman replied, “You did…You used to tease Annette (Overton’s
sister) and I, and get us in trouble.”

The newsman also recalled one of Kidman‘s more shameful moments as a kid: “I
remember catching you and Annette in my parents’ bedroom smoking.”

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