Authors Claim Ava Gardner Aborted Frank Sinatra’s Baby

Movie siren Ava Gardner underwent two abortions in the space of three months,
according to Frank Sinatra biographers Anthony Summers and Robbyn Swan–and
only one of the babies was her husband Sinatra‘s.

The authors have already created a storm of controversy with their new book
Sinatra: The Life, which exposes the beloved crooner as an alleged rapist,
mafia member and depressed suicide case.

And now, they’re exposing Ol’ Blue Eyes’ second wife.

Summers reveals, “She not only had an abortion of Frank Sinatra‘s baby very
early in her marriage, but, within a month or three, had had an abortion of a
child that had been fathered by another man.”

The authors have also obtained an audio tape of Gardner revealing what made
her six-year marriage to Sinatra so tempestuous.

On the tape, the actress reveals, “Every single night we would have at least
three or four Martinis, big ones… have wine with dinner and go to a nightclub
and start drinking scotch or bourbon or something. I don’t know how we did

Summers and Swann claim Sinatra couldn’t live with Gardner, but had even more
trouble living with out her–after their divorce in 1957 the authors claim
Sinatra attempted suicide.

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