Axl Rose Found! By Stalker?!?

Axl Rose hasn’t made a record in seven years, hasn’t done a public appearance in almost that long. But, to hear the cops tell it, Karen McNeil still thinks he’s hot. The 39-year-old woman was arrested Tuesday night after allegedly trying to sneak onto the ex-Guns N’ Roses frontman’s secluded estate in the Latigo Canyon Section of Malibu, Calif., the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department says.

McNeil was booked on stalking charges. Deputies say Rose had obtained restraining orders against the woman in the past.

“She done this more than once,” Deputy Rick Martinez tells

In case you’ve forgotten, Rose (and Guns N’ Roses) burst onto the hard rock A list in 1987 with the top-selling “Appetite For Destruction.” But he really hasn’t done much of anything, music-wise, since the group disbanded after 1993’s “The Spaghetti Incident?”

While no one’s ever really quite sure where Rose is, McNeil, meanwhile, is being held at a Los Angeles jail on $150,000 bail pending her arraignment.