Aykroyd: ‘My movie days are over’

The Blues Brothers actor has been keen to get cameras rolling on another sequel to his 1984 comedy classic, but the project has repeatedly stalled because of co-star Bill Murray’s busy schedule.

Now Aykroyd has confessed his days of starring in blockbuster movies are over – and he’ll only be tempted out of retirement by the right film.

The funnyman tells Seven magazine, “I don’t need fame any more… I’m happy my day is done. It’s over… I don’t want to work any more really in film. I’d have to be called up by triple-A superstars. I get offers all the time from filmmakers, but they are unknown quantities. I don’t go there and do experiments.

“I’ve read some terrific scripts, but opportunities that have quality present themselves less and less. Everyone who wants to work goes on auditions and makes impassioned pleas… But it doesn’t interest me to pursue like that any more.”