Baldwin Sued Over Devil Flick

Alec Baldwin is already facing troubles prior to the release of his film The Devil And Daniel Webster. According to the New York Post, Baldwin‘s now ex-production company president, Corinne Mann, has filed a breach-of-contract lawsuit against the star.

According to Mann, Baldwin never compensated her for work she did on bringing the film to fruition, and she claims they had a 50-50 deal since October 1998. Baldwin also refused to give her an executive producer credit on the movie, which just wrapped in New York City. Her lawyer could not confirm to the Post how much his client is owed but estimated it to be “at least $100,000.”

Baldwin‘s camp says the film, which was reduced from studio to indie status, had a smaller budget that required all involved parties to lower their salary requirements.

“The only person who wouldn’t come down in her fee was Corinne,” Baldwin said through his rep. “We told her, ‘If you don’t come down, we can’t make the movie,’ but she refused.”

Mann’s attorney, Michael Chodos, denies Baldwin‘s allegations. “This is a new story he’s come up with that isn’t true,” Chodos told the Post.