Baldwins Vote With Their Feet

Apparently, the country just ain’t big enough for both the Bushes and the Baldwins. Ever the good Democrat, actor Alec Baldwin has reputedly vowed to leave the United States if Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush wins the upcoming election.

And according to wife Kim Basinger, the eldest Baldwin ain’t kidding.

Alec is the biggest moralist that I know,” Basinger said in Focus magazine, which hits newsstands today. “He stands completely behind what he says.”

And what’s more, she’s ready to go where her man goes.

“I can very well imagine that Alec makes good on his threat. And then I’d probably have to go, too,” Basinger said.

The Baldwins’ threat to self-exile is the second Hollywood has seen thus far. Director Robert Altman expressed similar sentiments earlier this month at the Toronto Film Festival.

If we’re lucky, maybe Rosie O’Donnell, an avid Democratic supporter herself, will follow suit.