Ball’s daughter threatens legal action over auction

The widow of Ball’s second husband, Susie Morton, is planning to sell off items including love letters, a Rolls Royce and trophies from the star’s acting career this weekend (17-18Jul10).

Lucie Arnaz Luckinbill, who was left the belongings in her mum’s will when the comic died in 1989, is trying to halt the auction in Los Angeles, insisting she’ll take legal action if it continues as planned.

Luckinbill’s lawyer Ronald J. Palmieri says, “To demean their true nature, and prostitute their value in monetary terms, is insulting to Ms Ball’s memory and contravenes her express desire that these items were to belong to her daughter after her death.”

But Morton is adamant she has a right to sell the goods on Saturday (17Jul10), claiming Luckinbill failed to collect them following Ball’s passing.