Bar where Dunn drank won’t be charged

Dunn and a pal were drinking at a West Chester, Pennsylvania bar called Barnaby’s of America shortly before the stuntman lost control of his Porsche in the early hours of Monday morning (20Jun11). Both men died in the accident.

Police reports suggest Dunn was too drunk to drive when he climbed behind the wheel of his sportscar.

However the general manager of the bar, Frank Herron, will not be charged for giving the star eight drinks over the course of four hours because, as far as employees could tell, Dunn did not appear to be intoxicated.

Herron tells the Associated Press, “He spoke clearly. He walked clearly. He came in hop, skip, jumping. He left hop, skip, jumping. If these (toxicology) results are true, I’m shocked at it. We were very confident that he had not had that much.”

The toxicology reports which will determine just how drunk Dunn was at the time of his death will be released next month (Jul11).