‘Barbarella’ Director Dead of Cancer

Filmmaker Roger Vadim, best known for discovering Brigitte Bardot and keeping company with the likes of Jane Fonda and Catherine Deneuve, died today of cancer. He was 72.

The Paris-born Vadim was married to the then-teenage Bardot when he made his directorial debut in 1956 with “And God Created Woman.” The film launched Bardot‘s career as a sex symbol and stirred much talk for its outrageous (at the time) unveiling of her skin. In the short run, “And God …” was banned in several countries. In the long run, it helped launch France’s New Wave film movement of the 1950s.

In 1965, Vadim wed a 27-year-old, pre-controversial Jane Fonda (his third wife). Two years later, the couple teamed to reveal Fonda‘s own assets on screen with the Vadim-directed sci-fi cult hit “Barbarella“. The couple had one daughter, Vanessa, before splitting in 1973.

Vadim also fathered a son, Christian, with Deneuve and had one daughter each with wives No. 2 and No. 4, Annette Stroyberg and Catherine Schneider respectively.

In all, Vadim wed five times. In 1987, he authored the ladies’-man memoir, “Bardot, Deneuve, Fonda: My Life with the Three Most Beautiful Women in the World.”

Survivors include his four children and actress-wife No. 5, Marie-Christine Barrault.

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Salma Hayek has been named a presenter for the techie Oscars, to be presented March 4. She’ll hand out a statue to Dr. Roderick T. Ryan, recipient of the Gordon E. Sawyer Award, honoring “an individual … whose technological contributions have brought credit to the industry.” …

Steven Spielberg, on the mend from kidney surgery, will be on hand to receive his Vanguard Award at the NAACP Image Awards on Saturday. He’ll also help present the AFI Lifetime Achievement Award to Harrison Ford on Thursday, along with George Lucas, Carrie Fisher, Anne Archer, Daryl Hannah, Julia Ormond and Anne Heche

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… MTV gross-out host Tom Green apparently got wind of the rumors about him and Monica Lewinsky, and in order to save his own dating life, posted a message on his official Web site. For the record, Green notes that he was introduced to Lewinsky through one of his show’s writers (whom she dated), and Green later met up with Lewinsky and her date (not the writer) to attend a Kids in the Hall after-party. He thinks the Edmonton Sun reported their pairing because they were standing together. “Andy Dick was with us too … I am also not dating him,” he writes.

Why doesn’t Green just ignore the rumor? “Because I just met this girl a few weeks ago, and I really like her… and I don’t want her to get mad at me and think that I’m dating Monica … this girl is … really cool, and cute and stuff.” Awww, how sweet.