Barkin’s ex vows to fight on after losing appeal

The Ocean’s Thirteen star launched Applehead Pictures with her brother, George, in November 2005 and Perelman, the chairman of cosmetics giant Revlon Inc., agreed to make quarterly investments in her production company in 2006 and 2007.

But the couple split in 2006 and Perelman’s payments ceased, prompting Barkin to sue for breach of contract the following year (07). Under the terms of their agreement, billionaire Perelman was expected to pour a total of $3.4 million (£2.27 million) into the firm.

Perelman countersued the Barkins, accusing the pair of misappropriating funds to finance the launch of another company.

New York State Supreme Court Justice Debra James ruled in Barkin’s favour in December 2009, but Perelman challenged the decision and took the case to the State Appeals Court in Manhattan.

However, the appeals panel rejected his motion during a hearing on Thursday (03Dec10), backing up Judge James’ order for Perelman to pay up with interest.

But he is refusing to accept the decision and has vowed to fight on.

Perelman’s spokeswoman, Christine Taylor, tells the New York Post’s gossip column Page Six, “We still maintain Ms. Barkin should not be entitled to any additional money beyond the enormous settlement she received five years ago. Mr Perelman has moved on from this and is leaving it to his attorneys to handle the still-pending claims against Ms. Barkin and others based on their misconduct in managing and controlling Applehead Pictures.”