BBC shows go off air during fire scare

The BBC’s flagship breakfast TV show went temporarily off air on Friday (09May14) when staff were forced to evacuate the building during a fire scare. An alarm was set off at the broadcaster’s buildings in Salford, England, and those both in front of and behind the cameras on BBC Breakfast had to leave the studio and assemble outside the building.
The show was briefly off air before pre-recorded footage of a reporter swimming with crocodiles for BBC World was broadcast instead.
Bosses on the programme told viewers via “You’re currently being looked after by BBCWorld… we’re back in the building and will be with you again shortly. #bbcbreakfast.”
Radio channel BBC 5 Live also shut down for a short time, with an interview with Ricky Gervais being played out in lieu of live discussion.
Normal programming resumed after several minutes. The alarm is thought to have been purposefully set off as part of a fire drill.