Beau Bridges wants Christians to give up meat and fish for Lent

Movie veteran Beau Bridges is urging his fellow Christians to go vegetarian for Lent.
The religious period, during which the faithful traditionally give up something as a penance, begins on Ash Wednesday (14Feb18) and The Fabulous Baker Boys is calling on everyone to skip meat and fish.
Bridges, who is a vegan, has teamed up with animal rights group PETA to promote a campaign to keep fish and seafood off plates during Lent, and he has even filmed a new video for to “shine a spotlight on the intelligence, friendliness, and playfulness of octopuses” in a bid to prompt others to follow his dietary lead.
“Sea animals aren’t swimming vegetables,” he says. “They’re smart, social beings who can feel pain. They have more in common with us than most people realise… (but) there are no federal laws protecting aquatic animals from cruelty.”
The actor goes on to reveal how fish undergo excruciating decompression when they’re violently hooked and dragged from the ocean’s depths, often causing their internal organs to rupture.
A PETA spokesman tells WENN, “Those who survive slowly suffocate, are crushed to death, or are cut open and gutted while they’re still conscious. Octopuses are served to diners while they’re still writhing, lobsters are boiled to death in scalding-hot water, and crabs are torn apart limb from limb in industrial slaughterhouses.”
“Humans have only one heart, compared to an octopus’s three, but surely, we can show sea animals compassion by leaving them in the ocean and off our plates,” Beau concludes.