Bebe Rexha refused to cover stretch marks in new music video


Bebe Rexha point-blank refused to cover her stretch marks in the music video for her new track Last Hurrah.

Bebe is a vocal advocate for body confidence and hit headlines in January when she publicly revealed that she couldn’t find a designer to dress her for the Grammys because they considered her “too big”.

In her new video, the 29-year-old proudly shows off her curves – as well as her stretch marks – and says she won’t be told to cover up.

“I wanted to do a video about raw human nature,” she told MTV about the raunchy vid. “People have their crazy moments and everybody has their stories. I feel like everybody (has done) something bad in their life whether that’s drinking or whatever that may be — cheating, going back to your ex-lover (or) going to the wrong person.

“Someone saw my video and was like, ‘You should cover those stretch marks.’ And I was like, we’re not covering those stretch marks, absolutely not. It’s about acceptance of everything.”
Following the release of promo shots for the video, in which the singer struts her stuff in lingerie, Bebe’s dad Flamur hit out at his daughter for “posting stupid pornography” in text messages that she made public on her Instagram. The pair has now made up.

In her chat with MTV, Bebe went on to talk about the video she posted about no designers wanting to dress her for the Grammys.

“Yeah, for sure (I had reservations about posting it). I had a conversation with somebody and it really upset me,” she confessed. “I was actually in the studio that day and I couldn’t focus because I was so upset, so I made the video, but I decided not to post it because I was scared it would have backlash. But when I woke up the next day, I still felt really bummed about this and was like, ‘I have to post this video.’ I’ve been sent things (before) and none of it fit, which was annoying.”