Bebe Rexha stepping away from social media after upsetting dad

Bebe Rexha plans to limit her social media use after upsetting her dad by sharing his message calling one of her videos “pornography”.
The In the Name Of Love hitmaker fell out with her father Flamur Rexha after he messaged her saying the raunchy video for her track Last Hurrah was “stupid pornography” that made him “sick”, and she posted his comments on Instagram.
She quickly removed the post and stuck up for her dad despite her followers’ fury, and now says she will be more wary about what she chooses to share with fans.
“I am so used to posting things and not caring but I really can’t do that,” the American singer tells Britain’s Daily Star newspaper. “I’m used to sharing screenshots that I would find funny but it became this massive thing.
“Me and my dad are really good and stronger than ever. He just cares about his daughter. But I said: ‘You shouldn’t have got Instagram then, dad.'”
Vowing to post less, and not lose her cool on social media, the 29-year-old adds: “I am working on that but sometimes I get pi**ed. I think it is the Brooklyn girl in me. I am really hot-headed.”
However, unlike Ed Sheeran, who gave up social media for a year while he took a hiatus, she says she won’t be quitting the Internet.
Discussing Ed’s decision, she says: “I heard he gave his phone away or something? That is a genius idea but I don’t know if I would last.”