Ben Affleck forced hostage actors to live together

The film chronicles the heroic, real-life story of a CIA rescue mission to free six Americans holed up in Iran and smuggle them out of the country amid the nation’s revolution in 1979.

The cast and crew flew to Istanbul, Turkey to shoot the film, and Girl, Interrupted star Clea DuVall reveals she and the other five actors playing the hostages were confined to a small house and given only old movies and newspapers to read.

DuVall tells New York Magazine, “We weren’t allowed to go outside. There was one cast member who did repeatedly go outside to go swimming in the pool – Tate Donovan. And he justified it by saying that his character goes outside in the movie, so it was OK. But the rest of us stayed inside the entire time.

“No cell phones, no computers. There was a phone in the house for emergencies, but we weren’t allowed to talk on the phone. And they stocked the house with all magazines and newspapers and movies from the seventies.”

And DuVall insists it was a blast: “During the day, we did research and watched movies. And then at night, we would eat dinner, and we would get drunk. And play games.”