Benedict Cumberbatch ‘felt like a 12-year-old’ during Doctor Strange costume fitting


Benedict Cumberbatch was giddy with excitement when he first tried on his Doctor Strange costume.

The British actor first played the Marvel Comics character in the film of the same name in 2016, and has reprised the role in Avengers: Infinity War, which hits cinemas worldwide from the 25 April (18).

Benedict appears on Friday’s (20Apr18) episode of Britain’s The Graham Norton Show, and during his chat with host Graham, he recalled the day he donned his superhero outfit for the first time.

“There was a moment. I remember when I put on the whole thing and looked in the mirror and just started laughing like a 12-year-old,” he shared. “It was my superhero moment!”

In the flick, the 41-year-old stars alongside a huge ensemble cast including Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson and Robert Downey Jr., who, along with directors Joe and Anthony Russo, recently took to Twitter and pleaded with fans to keep details of the plot under wraps so as not to spoil the movie for those seeing it for the first time.

Benedict insisted that he was also on board with the secrecy, and refused to share details about his particular role in the cinematic story.

“I was allowed to read the whole script so I do know what is happening, but I can’t tell you about it,” he teased. “What I can say is that I am helping the world and worlds beyond it – potentially.”

However, when Graham queried whether Doctor Strange, or any of the other numerous superheroes that feature, could face death in the third Avengers instalment, the Sherlock star merely shrugged and said: “Let that rumour take flight. This film is so shrouded in secrecy.”