Berry visits underprivileged kids in South Africa

The Oscar-winner has been in the country filming shark thriller Dark Tide with French actor Olivier Martinez, and she took time out from her busy schedule to spend a day in the tough Cape Town township of Khayelitsha to see the work of local charity group, the Indlovu Project.

The actress toured the facilities and spent time with the children, while Martinez enjoyed a game of soccer with the local kids.

Berry says, “I’m so impressed with all the work that’s being done here. It makes my heart feel good. There’s sadness too that I feel, but I’m also inspired because I see that people care, and I think that’s what makes a difference in the world – that people really care and show up.”

At the end of her visit, the actress received a blessing from a local healer, who bestowed on her the South African name Thandeka, which means ‘the one who everyone loves’.