Bettany misses Britain

The Da Vinci Code star lives in New York City with his wife, Jennifer Connelly, and their children, but Bettany admits he often longs for the home comforts of his native Britain.

During an appearance on U.K. TV show BBC Breakfast to promote new movie Broken Lines, he says, “I really miss it (living in Britain). I miss pubs. We don’t have pubs in America, you have bars and they are boring places. And I miss my friends and I miss Britishness and British humour.”

When asked how long he will be staying in the U.K. during his trip, Bettany reveals he will by flying straight back to New York to look after his wife and their baby daughter, Agnes, who was born in May (11).

He says, “I have to go home because I’ve just had a baby… Well my wife, she’s had a baby and now we have three children so that’s a real circus – they are 14, eight and a four-month-old.”