‘Big Brother’ Coup in Store?

The remaining contestants on CBS’ “Big Brother” were seen on the show’s Web site over the weekend talking about staging a group walkout Wednesday. Leaving the show would abandon the housemates’ chances of winning the $500,000 top prize, which is scheduled to be handed out Sept. 30.

The walkout appeared to be the brainwork of contestant George, who at one point said, “Do you know what kind of point we could make? We could go down in history as six winners.”

Winners? Uh-huh.

One apparent holdout, contestant Eddie, replied, “Or we could go down as the six quitters of ‘Big Brother.’”

Quitters? Try losers. Oh, did I just type that? Kidding. Haha.

But contestant Curtis won Eddie over by saying, “Even if you’re wrong about [earning money from other sources following a walkout], you are creating a moment in television history.”

Yeah, the moment that TV viewers fell asleep because they were completely bored.

CBS had little response to the threat Sunday, with an official quoted in the Los Angeles Times as saying, “This is unscripted television. We will just have to wait and see what unfolds.”

We’re on the edge of our seats.