Big Brother’s Eddie: $500,000 richer; beauty queen Jamie: deserved zilch

He’s opinionated and brutish. He’s known for countless flashes of private parts. And he’s laughing all the way to the bank.

Big Brother houseguest Eddie snagged 59% of the votes nationwide in the show’s finale, and deserved it. His honest, gruff persona won over viewers who grew sour with the remaining houseguests’ agendas (even though Josh and Curtis did make off with a pretty penny).

The breakdown: Eddie — Winner: $500,000. The cancer survivor, just 21 years old, remained the only consistent personality on the show. His steady lack of whining steered voters in his direction late in the season.

Josh — Second Place: $100,000. The consummate flirt cleaned up his act — basically after every female was banished. The remaining houseguests expected the easygoing All-American to win, but his past exploits with Brittany may have tarnished his reputation with voters.

Curtis — Third Place: $50,000. The Boring One toughed it out for 88 days — gotta reward him with something. Curtis was so increasingly agreeable, so willing to help, viewers couldn’t dislike him. Unfortunately, viewers also forgot to support him.

Jamie — Last houseguest banished. Nicknamed “Hollywood,” the beauty queen (currently Miss Washington USA) lost votes in early September after choosing to meet with a casting director instead of her eager mother. Dumb move. Voters never forgot that fiasco.

CBS execs are currently debating another season of Big Brother.