‘Big Brother’ Sets One Free

“Yes! Yes!” Doesn’t exactly sound like the words of a man who’s downcast because he’s just lost a chance to win half a million dollars, does it?

Yet that’s what William, a 27-year-old youth counselor, said when he learned (on live TV) last night that he’s the first of 10 people to get kicked off the cast of the CBS reality-style gameshow “Big Brother.”

So, why was William so glad to get out? Well, for one thing, it’s boring in that house — as the viewers have attested via the show’s mediocre ratings.

And William, who spent most of his two weeks in the house arguing with the other residents, said the other housemates were “too prissy.” He event tried to liven things up with a prank, pretending he’d been instructed to rearrange the furniture, because “I was going crazy with the boringness.”

“There’s only so much reading you can do, only so much weightlifting,” he said. “I thought I’d work on some people’s heads.”

As per the show’s rulebook, the housemates cast votes and chose two candidates for explusion, William and Jordan, a 26-year-old female stripper. Then viewers, voting by telephone, dumped William by a nearly 3 to 1 margin.

William later said he “wouldn’t change a thing.”