‘Big Brother’ Walk-Off Called Off

It was the only — and shortest — mutiny ever staged on a TV show. Just when we thought we’d be spared another three weeks worth of “Big Brother” dullness, we find out that the big alleged walkout was quelled before it ever came to pass.

The show’s contestants had planned a group exodus as a sort of “screw you” gesture toward the producers. It was supposed to happen during Wednesday night’s live show.

But while they all agreed to quit over the weekend, they’ve since changed their minds, according to reports posted on the CBS Web site.

Why the turnabout? Depending on what you hear and what you believe, the turnabout came about because: 1) the series’ producer smoothed over the internal fallout, or 2) the contestants voluntarily changed their minds.

Salon.com reported Sunday on the divide-and-conquer strategy used by CBS’ walkout busters. Salon said a network producer named “John” infiltrated the house’s confessional “Red Room” to persuade each member to stay.

And like good house pets, they said they would.

Another version of events, from the “Big Brother” official CBS Web site, says that one-legged Eddie sees the errors of his ways and has had a change of mind about the revolt — all by himself.

The show’s people have, so far, failed to return our numerous calls seeking more info.

Curious about current going-ons in the “Big Brother” crib, we looked at the live Internet video feed on the CBS Web site, to see if there are any new developments. But we logged off after about five minutes because it was, um, boring.

Well, at least we tried.

The threats of mass exodus by the abode’s remaining houseguests were spearheaded by 41-year-old George, whose thinning hair was dyed neon green Saturday for all Internet viewers to see.