‘Big Brother’ Wimps Out

Ho, hum. Another day, another “Big Brother” episode. In other words, nothing happened. The big Wednesday walkout planned by the sequestered houseguests, which would have ended the primetime CBS reality series two weeks early (a godsend, really), never came to pass.

Last night’s episode looked promising at first. Host Julie Chen announced, “The news of the week is the ‘Big Brother’ rebellion.” Then Chen spoke with George the roofer and de facto leader of the TV hostages, who announced he was staying put. The other five houseguests followed suit.

So, instead of a reprieve from what’s turned out to be a very un-“Survivor”-like show, the TV nation had to settle with a routine phone poll to eliminate one of the six remaining contestants.

Cassandra, a U.N. staffer, got the boot.

So it looks like the big ‘Big Brother’ finale will go ahead as planned. CBS has announced that the final episode has been rescheduled to Sept. 29, with one very important (and hopefully, ratings-inducing) addendum: It will precede a re-broadcast of the megahit “Survivor” final episode.