Big ratings — but Monica was bigger

The PrimeTime Thursday
interview pulled big ratings as expected, delivering an 18.3 rating and a
30 share. But those numbers were nowhere close to the 33.8/47 pulled by
Barbara Walters’s interview with Monica Lewinsky in March, 1999. And they
were also exceeded by Diane Sawyer‘s interview with Michael Jackson and Lisa
Marie Presley on PrimeTime Live in 1995, the 60 Minutes
interview with Bill and Hillary Clinton in 1992, a 60 Minutes
interview with Ross Perot in 1992 and yet another 60 Minutes
interview with Kathleen Willey in 1998. The interview did represent
Connie Chung’s biggest coup — topping the 17.4 she pulled when she
questioned Tonya Harding on CBS’s Eye to Eye in 1994.