Big Sean seeking therapy for anxiety and depression


Big Sean has undergone therapy for anxiety and depression.

The rapper, who first postponed and then cancelled his Unfriendly Reminder Tour dates in early 2018, took to Instagram to mark his 31st birthday on Monday (25Mar19) by uploading three videos.
In the footage, Sean opened up about how he realised he was struggling with mental health issues around the same time last year and made the decision to seek professional help.

“I felt something wasn’t all the way connecting with my energy – you know I’m big on energy – and I wasn’t feeling like myself and I couldn’t figure out why. So, what I did was, I stepped back from everything I was doing, everything I had going on, because somewhere in the middle of it, I just felt lost,” he recalled. “I’ve been meditating since I was 17 years old. That helps with anxiety, depression, all those things that I felt in my life, but it wasn’t doing it all the way for this. So, I knew that this required some special attention.”

Sean began therapy and consulted with some “super spiritual” people. Soon, he realised that he needed to address the “toxic” relationships in his life, and set about repairing the bond between himself and his mother.

“I had to analyse myself,” the star, who previously dated celebrities like Naya Rivera, Ariana Grande, and Jhene Aiko, commented. “I couldn’t point the finger at anybody else, I had to point it at myself, and nurture those relationships that were important to me but most importantly, nurture the relationship with myself.”

Sean went on to explain that he found doing certain activities, including skydiving, helped his outlook. And though making music felt like a “burden” at one point, he is now back in the studio.

“In the midst of that, I definitely rediscovered myself and found a whole new energy and me being the source of it – not somebody else… Put the energy back into yourself, be clear about what you want to do and just know that it all translates to happiness,” he advised. “I started getting back to making music and it started being fun again and I’m making the best music of my life. It feels good to be back at a higher level.”

Sean unveiled his fourth studio album I Decided in February 2017, and his collaborative record Double or Nothing with producer Metro Boomin, later that year.