Bill Cosby Accusers Call for Actor to be Removed from the Academy


Two women who have accused Bill Cosby of inappropriate sexual behavior are demanding the embattled actor be ousted from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, just like Harvey Weinstein.

The disgraced movie mogul was kicked out of AMPAS after allegations of sexual harassment and abuse were detailed in a New York Times article and subsequent New Yorker piece.

Cosby accusers Carla Ferrigno and Louisa Moritz are now insisting The Cosby Show actor and director Roman Polanski, who pleaded guilty to having unlawful sex with a minor in 1977, should also be kicked out, according to

“It is our understanding that (the accused and now prosecuted) (alleged) rapist Bill Cosby, and convicted pedophile rapist Roman Polanski are still members of the Academy in ‘good standing’,” a letter written by publicist Edward Lozzi reads. “We are baffled by this decision.”

“Please add our names to the others that are requesting that The Academy Board remove both Cosby and Polanski immediately.”

“Their crimes, and in the case of Polanski, CONVICTIONS, should have no place in The Academy,” he adds. “Many in the community feel that this is negligent hypocrisy and part of the problem of powerful Academy members preying on the young men and women in our industry. These two men are the pioneers of this heinous behavior for our generation. Please expel them. Thank you.”

Cosby has been accused of inappropriate sexual behavior and rape by over 60 women. In June (17), a criminal trial brought against Cosby by Andrea Constand ended in a mistrial. The comic faced three counts of aggravated indecent assault brought against him by prosecutors, who are retrying the case next year (18).

Cosby has maintained his innocence.