Bill Nighy wants to go back in time and tell younger self not to smoke

British movie star Bill Nighy would like to go back in time and convince his younger self not to start smoking. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel star admits there’s a lot of things he would like to change about himself if he stumbled across a time travel contraption – and his nicotine habit would be the first thing to go.
He tells WENN, “I’d go back to whoever offered me a cigarette for the first time and say, ‘No, thank you very much!'”
And he would also like to tell the young Nighy to lighten up.
He explains, “I made a mess of being young. I was terrible at it. I made it such hard work. If I did go back in time all I’d say to my younger self was, ‘Lighten up, it’s OK. It works out’.
“If I would’ve known that things work out, I would have arranged to be more cheerful for the previous part of my life! I was pretty good at manufacturing all levels of anxiety. I could make a meal out of anything.”
And he would also consider a career change, adding, “I wouldn’t be an actor… Life, I guess, is easier not being an actor. I’d be the lollipop guy. I used to go to work dragging myself to rehearsals at the National Theatre just convinced there was nothing but further humiliation involved. I don’t take to acting easy. I take it too hard and I used to take it very hard when I was young.
“I used to see the crossing guard and think, ‘Look at her. She’s laughing. She’s finished by 9.30am and she’s got a life. What’s the problem? What am I trying to prove? Who cares whether I can act or not?'”