Billie Eilish pleads for fans to speak out on gun control

Singer Billie Eilish is urging her fans to fight for changes to U.S. gun laws following this month’s deadly mass shootings.
The Bad Guy hitmaker has taken to Instagram Story to ask followers to speak out for stricter restrictions on the purchase of firearms in a heartfelt video.
“I’m making this video right now to talk about how scared and worried I am about the f**king shootings that have been going on, and how nobody in charge is doing anything to change anything at all,” she shared. “I literally can’t stand it.”
She then asked her fans to “try to change things” by texting the word ‘CHECKS’ to 644-33 and get in contact with the organisation Everytown for Gun Safety.
She added, “Please just help.”
Her plea comes just weeks after mass shooting incidents in California, Texas and Ohio – all within a seven day span.
Eilish has been vocal on the issue of gun control and in March, 2018, she commended the bravery of those who experienced the Parkland, Florida school shooting and used the tragedy to highlight the need for weapon reform.
“Can you imagine being a teenage girl, and going to school and watching your friends die in front you at the hands of a kid you knew? And then you speak out about it and have half the country hating you and sending you death threats?” she told the Los Angeles Times. “But seeing girls standing up for themselves and saying what they mean when some ugly old white dude is trying to tear them down is amazing.”