Billy Bob’s the ‘Sexiest [Freakin’] Creature!

It’s easy to see what Angelina Jolie sees in Billy Bob Thornton. Why, clearly he’s “the sexiest [expletive deleted] … creature that ever lived.” So says Jolie in an upcoming interview in Talk magazine. The chat was conducted before Jolie, 24, and Thornton, 44, tied the knot Friday in Las Vegas.

But even before she became Mrs. Billy Bob No. 5, Jolie was enamored of the actor/writer/director. Says Jolie: “I am madly in love with this man till the day I die.”

The couple met on 1999’s “Pushing Tin,” where they played husband and wife. But Jolie says the love affair was not played out among the onset trailers. (Thornton was linked with Laura Dern at the time.) “I just went on with my life,” Jolie says of the movie, “but I never really forgot [Billy Bob].”

The world’s sexiest creatures, after all, are unforgettable that way.