Billy Bob Thornton’s Heartache

Apparently, the honeymoon is over for Billy Bob Thornton, as the Oscar-winning actor/director was hospitalized over the weekend, and it has been speculated that the actor suffered a heart attack.

In an interview with USA Today, Thornton’s rep, Michelle Bega, denied the claim of a heart attack, and that Thornton, 45, was supposedly admitted to Los Angeles’ Cedars-Sinai Hospital for treatment for a viral infection and was released on Monday, September 25th.

There is some cause for an investigation. Mitchell Fink, the daily gossip columnist for the New York Daily News, claims that Thornton‘s attorney sent Fink a letter on Tuesday, September 26th, which stated that Thornton was still in the hospital and would be released within a day or two.

Thornton is no stranger to the gossip page lately. He has admitted to having an eating disorder, and in 1998, the six-foot tall actor only weighed 138 pounds.